The Intention

Hello Mystic Soul!

The longing is deep for spiritual connection, sacred ceremony, meaningful rituals, creative expression, and connection to ourselves and each other. The opportunity to co-create an ecstatic music and dancing experience around the fire is here!

Art by Daniel Holeman

The Mystic’s Circle retreat is your chance to revitalize your life using the power of alchemy, the simple magick that comes from dancing around a fire, the potent heart opening experience of singing and chanting with friends, and the bliss of drumming in time with the pulse of the universe. Imagine yourself under a star-filled sky, singing and dancing your prayers for your life and feeling supported and loved for being just the way you are. And being in a safe and sober space to feel connected and to let your spirit soar. We chose the ancient symbol – Merkaba Star – to inspire each person to embrace their own body, mind, & spirit – and step into a fuller higher version of themselves.

The community intention is to take care of ourselves in the best way possible. So that throughout the event we are well nourished, our souls are fed, our minds are at ease, and we are loved fully for our own dynamic expression. We want to provide a space with diversity in age, class, abilities and perspectives, in order to broaden our view, our experience, and our expression. We want to support taking good care of ourselves, and when we eat healthy food, when we sleep, when we come together in magick, when we socialize, when we deeply connect, when we come together in music and lyrics that inspire our soul, when we experience a community that loves and accepts our truest being – we experience life differently in this moment. Please plan to be sober, open minded, present, and ready to change!

This event is safe & sober space. The land we have rented asks for no drugs or alcohol. Many people attending the event prefer sober events, whether they are recovering from addiction or just don’t want to be in that energy space, we are offering a safe space away from those experiences. We respect your choice to indulge and please respect our boundary. If you bring drugs or alcohol we will be asking you to leave, no refunds.

The Personal Intention

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Using the alchemical process, the community will provide space for the individual to transform their ‘lead into gold’ or ‘shadow into light’. Humans are imperfect beings of light and our journey has the potential to lead us into a conscious and evolved expression that uplifts others just by our presence. We all have lead/shadow and we can use this opportunity to embrace that shadow self. Bringing forward this part of us and exploring its source, and expression, deepens connection to ourselves. We can also dance with it and find other ways to express it, explore it and view it, so that the lead within ourselves can shift into a lighter version that could be more helpful for our own lives, and likely the community around us. Many of us have had plenty of ordeal in the past few years, this is your opportunity to shed that burden and step into a lighter existence that is more supportive of your higher vision. Maybe you just need to come into acceptance that this shadow piece is part of you or maybe you need to shift how it’s expressed, only you know the answer to this. The community will provide space for you to lay down your heavy load and shift it into something more sustainable. This is how we transform the prima materia into gold.

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