Registering for the event is easy! You can save money if you bring a friend or two & larger groups of people together save money. We want you to feel good about your money and you should know that the team has done their best to make this event accessible to all income levels- including offering scholarships and other ways to attend, like work shares. If money is a challenge for you and it’s keeping you from attending, yet you want to attend and feel called! PLEASE CONTACT US!

One Ticket Includes

  • Attendance to all activities of the festival
  • Vegan/Vegetarian – Locally sourced & mostly organic Meals (one meat option on the Golden Day)
  • Dinner on Arrival Day – June 30th
  • Breakfast on Parting day – July 4th
  • Daily Meals – 2 Hot Meals & One Cold DIY Meal (as needed)
  • camp bed in the large dorm room or a Campsite (bring your own equipment)
  • Showers and Flush toilets available
  • Access to the wild land in the mountains
  • Collaborative opportunities with other musicians, artists and mystics
  • Soul Filling workshops & activities throughout the 5 day Retreat
  • 3 Soul Changing Ceremonies Structured for collaboration

Potential Add-ons

  • Cabin that sleeps 7 People on camp beds (4 Cabins total for rent)
  • Cabin that sleep 14 people on camp beds (1 Cabin total for rent)
  • Scholarships & Donations to keep it accessible (all donated funds are used to help people attend)

This event is safe & sober space. The land we have rented asks for no drugs or alcohol. Many people attending the event prefer sober events, whether they are recovering from addiction or just don’t want to be in that energy space. We are offering a safe space away from those experiences. We respect your choice to indulge and please respect our boundary. If you bring drugs or alcohol we will be asking you to leave, no refunds.