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Practical Information – The Mystic's Circle

Practical Information

Because we want you to be well cared for, comfortable, happy & healthy – because we know that will inspire your best self!

Here is a collection of practical information to help you feel like your in-tune with the community.


Stuff you might want to pack:

  • Picnic Dinner (Pack-in/Pack-OUT) for your group
  • Drums (hand drums, natural drums) even if your learning!
  • Acoustic Instruments (guitar, flute, violin, rattles, chimes and bells)
  • Incense (natural incense) {please tell the community if your sensitive to incense}
  • Please Dress comfortable for the weather and mystically as you please – costumes welcomed
  • Poetry/Spoken Word/heart song lyrics/deep heart
  • Tarot Cards/Runes/Divination tools
  • Stones & other magickal items
  • Sweater/Warmer Clothes as it cools down
  • Full Water Bottle or two
  • Personal Snacks
  • SNACKS to SHARE! We will set up a table to share food with each other, please be sure ingredients are available for sensitive people.
  • Medications or what you might need to help you feel more comfortable in community. (If you use Cannabis please just keep it to yourself as others might be struggling with an addiction)
  • Chair/Stool especially if your a drummer or musician – what would help you be able to play your instrument while other mystics dance?
  • Blanket to hold yourself a nesting place to rest, meditate, or witness the circle of mystics


  • alcohol (this just isn’t the time/place for alcohol consumption)
  • Illegal Drugs – (If you use Cannabis for medicine please keep it to yourself so those avoiding it won’t be bothered)
  • Dogs/Cats – unless they are service animals then please contact us and let us know
  • Guns/Weapons – this is a peaceful gathering of mystics
  • Amplified Music – Not the time/place while we are in ceremony

Children & Youth

  • We respect, honor and hold children as sacred within our circle and we also honor the path of parenthood – we are on your side and as a community we are learning to step up and raise them as a tribe – please help keep children safe and report anything that feels off to you
  • Please bring the young people in your life to this experience as we believe that they also have wisdom to share
  • Please bring things for them to do in the circle, or nighttime activities that can be done quietly around the mystical circle
  • Be aware that your young person may witness someone’s release within the circle – they may scream, or express anger, sadness, pain, or even a traumatic event. So please be aware of your boundaries with this kind of experience and young children – we honor their innocence
  • Yes young people are welcome in the circle, yes they can sing, dance, drum and all else that mystics do
  • We ask that you manage your child’s behavior and ask for help if you’re struggling, there are many wise people in our circle that could help if your open to it
  • Give a childless person a chance to be part of your child’s life – we all have wisdom and we all want to be part of influencing the next generation in positive ways
  • If you find yourself with a child, never take them away from the group alone unless this is agreed with the parent before you walk away
  • Please be aware of the young people in our circle as a community, respect the parents and always ask for permission about food, activities, and questionable conversations
  • Hollis Taylor (facilitator) is very experienced with helping young people get connected with their magickal selves and is always open to finding ways the community can support parents. Hollis is a grandparent to two and a lifetime mystical scout leader.

A FREE Event

  • Yes the event is free because its PRICELESS
  • We are asking for donations for the sacred land that is holding our ceremony
  • As Energy workers we understand that there is an energy exchange that supports the balance
  • If you can’t make a financial donation maybe you reach out to see if you can help setup/cleanup