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Honoring the Land – The Mystic's Circle

Honoring the Land

Most of us know that honoring the land is at the highest of our priorities. Please do all you can to respect the land we are on, the keepers of that land, and the spiritual hosts.

If we reach capacity the gate will be closed. Please do NOT park on the road if the gate is closed.

This outdoor-only event is weather dependent. If weather is rainy or cold it will be cancelled.


The land that Double Rainbow Ranch was part of the Arapaho Indigenous People’s and the town Niwot was named in honor of the indigenous chief, Chief Niwot, whom died at the hands of the colonialists in the 1860’s. You can support the indigenous movement towards truth and land stewardship at www.narg.org

NOW this land is tended by the Double Rainbow Ranch team, Kerry (she/her) & Paul Temple (he/him), whom have tended this land with honor and respect. They have not only tended this space for sacred musical and dance events but for ceremony of all kinds. They have even laid in a crystal grid and you can learn more about these energetics at the event where you can feel it yourself, hear from the keepers and experience magick in this ceremonial land. Please respect the keepers of the land. http://www.doublerainbowranch.com/

Facts about the Spiritual Hosts:

Bright Hawk (she/they) is a drummer and community facilitator with deep reverence for the land, love, and community. They have over 25yrs experience in transformational experiences offering musical assistance in the effort for change. Bright Hawk loves to drum with her djembe and has traditional training, has visited Africa, and always honors her African teachers when relaying traditional rhythms. They offer their experience in the alchemical fire circle and transformational experiences with drums and music.

Hollis (they/them) is a Divine Androgyne, a sacred path for gender variant people and offers their support and experience with fire circles through fire tending, families integration, and deep soul work with strength and wisdom. They walk a unique path and work to integrate authenticity into all they do and encourage others to do the same. www.DivineAndrogyne.com