Honoring the Land

Most of us know that honoring the land is at the highest of our priorities. Please do all you can to respect the land we are on, the keepers of that land, and the spiritual hosts.

We ask that you respect the local laws, as well as the rules of the camp. The camp rules include no drugs and alcohol. This isn’t an event for those things, this is a time to be fully in your body without the help of controlled substances. We ask that you leave these behind. If you have medications – please keep those to yourself and don’t share with the community. Some people may attend the event in hopes to avoid things like cannabis – if you’re sharing it in your circle it makes it very hard to say no. Let’s support each other’s intentions and keep our medications to ourselves.

Facts about the Land & Camp

Trinity Mountain Ranch

Trinity Mountain Ranch was originally built as a church camp. A very special person tended this land for many years, and he hosted a camp for city youth until he became too old. One of his youth continues to host this land for sober (no drugs/alcohol) events, regardless of their affiliation with the church. The camp is an expanse of about 50 acres and has been in use for over 50 years.

There is a large professional kitchen, plenty of bunks, an indoor lounging area, a chapel that can be used how we see fit, and a deck that looks out onto the two ponds of the camp. There are cabins ranging from small to larger family size that all have small space heaters in case the temperature is too cold for you. We want you to be comfortable and cozy. There is plenty of space in the ball field as well as fire containers for our intentions. The property is backed by the Golden Gate State Park which will keep us from disturbing our neighbors with off hour drumming.

This land is at an altitude of about 9,000 ft and just off the famous Peak to Peak Highway that runs through the Rocky Mountains. This will mean cooler temperatures during the day are at an average of 76 F while at night it might drop down to about 49 F. Rain is unlikely, but anything is possible at high altitude. This is a gorgeous time of year and we invite you to be sure to make time to enjoy the drive up or even rent a local Airbnb before or after the event. Because no doubt, you will be taking in tons of wild flowers, as this is the area’s late spring time of year. High winds are always possible and in those cases a fire is dangerous, but we do plan to keep our ceremony going safely, even if there are high winds or we have to plan for excessive dryness. Since this area is prone to wild fires we will always respect local laws and we have alternatives if we cannot have a fire – so the ceremony will go on. Mornings in June & July are often comfortable, sunny and inspire brightness. Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the USA. We will be surrounded by the State and National Forests and very much exposed to wildlife such as Moose, Bear, Elk, Fox, Deer, and other high altitude wildlife. Most times wildlife avoid human camps, especially well established camps like Trinity Mountain Ranch.

Facts about the Spiritual Hosts

Bright Hawk with her Handpan

Bright Hawk (she/they) is a drummer and community facilitator with deep reverence for the land, love, and community. They have over 25yrs experience in transformational experiences offering musical assistance in the effort for change. Bright Hawk loves to drum with her djembe and has traditional training, has visited Africa, and always honors her African teachers when relaying traditional rhythms. Bright Hawk offers their experience in the alchemical fire circle and transformational experiences with drums and music. Bright Hawk offers beautiful handpan music and stories that inspires community and connection. To learn more or to order Bright Hawk’s Award-winning storybook, The Dancing Hippo check out www.BrightHawkProductions.com.

Hollis Taylor

Hollis (they/them) is a Divine Androgyne, and offers a sacred path for gender variant people and lending their support and experience with alchemy & fire circles through fire tending, families integration, and deep soul work with strength and wisdom. Hollis offers a variety of skills including being a trauma informed mental health resource as well as a talented vegan chef that loves to inspire collaborative kitchens that include laughter, music, and spiritual intentions. Hollis walks a unique path and works to integrate authenticity into all they do and encourage others to do the same. To learn more or to order Hollis’s book, The Divine Androgyne go to www.DivineAndrogyne.com.