The Mystic’s Circle

It’s been so long. Answer the desire to gather safely, meaningfully, in a circle, dancing and drumming around the sacred fire. We are a community of mystics from many paths, traditional to eclectic, seekers of turning lead into gold!

This event seeks to inspire deeper connection among the magickal folks walking the land today. Dance into this collaborative experience where we see each other in connection and in relationship with the living planet. A circle of opportunity for generating healing ripples from the circle to earth, humanity and all living beings. We support each other in letting go of what needs releasing and embracing stepping forward with your newest expression– be it spoken word, heart song, or mystical creation — and be received in love and gratitude — because each of you is a gift and so is your presence. This gift is everlasting and lives in the heart of all humans witnessing as it ripples out amongst the Crystal Grid around us and resonates as healing energy for all living beings and planet earth. This sacred gift of authentic loving connection has been proven to heal wounded hearts and traumatized souls. A taste of the alchemical experience at the Mystic’s Circle will inspire your soul, light up your power spots, and maybe even sooth your wounds, as together we pray for peace and have a good time generating more love in the world.

Join Bright Hawk & Hollis Taylor for this experience with drumming, dancing, acoustic music, heart song with intentions to connect authentically. Picture yourself among friends old and new, the glow of the fire, stars twinkling overhead, drums and feet meeting rhythmically in the beat. Feel the thrill of making music together. Feel the well of tears of being moved by someone’s sharing and them speaking to your heart. Feel the bliss of community celebrating. Feel the relief of just breathing and praying together for world peace.

As Mystics we KNOW we first start with ourselves. It is up to us to be on the path that drives and inspires our best expressions. Be true to yourself and choose places and spaces that want to celebrate you. Join us in creating safe spaces for all beings to be themselves. Join us and reignite your belief in humanity working together joyfully to experience more world peace. We do it together and you matter.

Some of us crave that ancient tribal connection of community where all are included and magic is part of our humanity. We can see how to bridge the gaps in community, we can see how to heal those parts of the earth, and inside us rests innovative ideas to support our future – we just need that magical spiritual experience to express it. Well YOU found your place, you found the community to bring your deep prayers for peace and love! We want to inspire that innovation within you! We want to celebrate your developing heart song. Our hearts await you because it takes ALL OF US!

BRING your drum, your instrument, your poetry, your spoken word piece, your eager voice, incense, tarot cards, dancing feet, and comfort supplies suggested below, like a blanket, chair and whatever nourishment you may need.

Please arrive on September 17, 2022 between 5:15-5:30pm at Double Rainbow Ranch at 6541 N 63rd St, Niwot, CO 80503 with your PACK-in/Pack-OUT picnic dinner! This means bring your take-out or pack your dinner at home, bring it to the ranch so we can all have dinner together! Join in a community meal, please plan to take any trash with you that you bring. Only water will be provided.

Ceremony begins at 7pm. We deeply appreciate your donations as they help support the ceremonial land we will be practicing on. Although this event is free we are CONFIDENT that the community will show up with plenty of donations to support this circle.

This is simply a one night event to explore the idea that Colorado might be interested in having its own Alchemical based Fire Circle like this on a larger level. If this interests you but you can’t make it, please get on the mailing list at