What’s the Plan?

The Merkaba holds the intention to integrate body, mind, & soul for a higher version of self

A co-creative and alchemical experience weaving together through 5 days and 3 fire ceremonies intending to support personal and collective transformation.

What a great question! We are transforming! If you have experienced other alchemical based experiences and fire circles in general you know that many of them are 3 nights, all night long. We are experimenting with something new! That is the nature of alchemy to experiment and try new ways, since humans are always evolving there is always room to change. Change is the only constant!

So the plan is to start in the darkness with one all night fire and then with each day to step further and further into the light, to lead us and teach us to dance in our light. The freedom of cool summer air at high altitude Rocky Mountains allows us to experiment. The second ceremony will be half and half, starting in the dark and dancing into the morning. The final, third ceremony will begin just before dawn and we see each other in the light! We have never done it like this before. Imagine getting a full night’s sleep, getting up early and seeing what magick happens at dawn. Each of our ceremonies will probably go for about six hours and will be followed by a meal so everyone can ground and center. We are not trying to create an marathon ordeal, we have been through enough. Let’s inspire, conspire and co-create the highest vibrating, beautiful, and meaningful experience that feeds our souls. Imagine an event where you:

Learn to bring your shadow from the darkness and into the light with this alchemical ceremony.

While the schedule is still being defined this is a basic outline so you know how to prepare. The intention is on the ceremony as well as how YOU feel as an attendee. We want you to feel that your basic needs are met. Food, sleep, and access to facilities are a high priority, this is not meant to be an ordeal, this is intended to offer healing for your own wellness, the community and the world as a whole.

Friday June 30th, 2023

11 AM to 4 PM Registration – time to get set up in your space and get acquainted with the land. Please do your absolute best to be sure you arrive at this time

Everyone is part of a Service Team. They are encouraged to sit together during dinner- for the first meal

5 to 6:30pm Dinner

7:15 – Opening Circle

7:30 to 8:30- Orientation



The Alchemy Begins – honoring the prima materia

Saturday, July 1, 2023

5:35 AM – SUNRISE 

6am-7am Breakfast After Ceremony: ground and center 

 7AM – NOON Quite Time

11:33 to 12:22 Body/Mind Integration (yoga/Tai Chi/Chi-Gong/Meditation)


5 to 6pm Service Teams

6-7pm – Dinner

9pm-2:00am- Quiet time

Sunday July 2, 2023

3am to 9amCeremony #2Transforming – The In Between – From Darkness into Dawning Awareness


9 am Ceremony #2 ends

9am-10:30am Grounding Breakfast

10:44-11:11 -Body/Mind Integration (Yoga/Tai Chi/Chi-Gong/Meditation)

11am-1:00 REST Time

3PM – 4:30 WORKSHOPS – Mind/Body Awareness and integration 

5-6 pm Service Teams Meeting/Service

6:00pm -7pm Dinner

9pm-4:30am – Quiet time

Sunday July 2, 2023

5:30am to 11:30 am Ceremony #3 Harvesting the GOLD


12noon-2pm – Celebration Feast

3PM – 4:30 WORKSHOPS – Integration of the Light

4:44pm-5:22pm Body/Mind Integration (yoga/Tai Chi/Chi-Gong/Meditation)

5:30-6pm Service Teams in Service

6-7:30pm Dinner

8pm – 10pm Community Gathering

Tuesday July 4th, 2023

10-11:30 – Breakfast

12Noon – Closing Circle

12:30-2pm – Check out/Clean up the Land